licqweb is a web frontend for licq written by me, Philip Nelson, inspired when I saw a web frontend that Jon (primary licq dev) wrote. licqweb uses dhtml/xmlhttprequests/ajax/windex/whatever other buzzword of the day is so as to interface with licq in realtime.

It is useful for people who use IMs from multiple locations and want a 'centralised' app - licqweb means no more logging off/on, your chat history is consolidated to the one location, no more missed messages because your other app received them and so on.


Note that these requirements are not required on the computers you use it from - a mozilla based browser (ie firefox) is all you need on the client computer. All communication is done through HTTP (port 80).

licqweb only works with mozilla (firefox included), as it uses multipart xmlhttprequests, which other browsers don't support. I also cannot be arsed making the javascript twice as large just to deal with other browsers javascript implementations.


licqweb v0.1 features:

Download licqweb-0.1,or checkout from licq cvs with the module 'licqweb'.

To install, grab latest cvs of licq and rms and extract licqweb-0.1.tar.bz2 to your web directory. Read the README and edit config.php to suit your setup.

Warning!!!! licqweb currently sends your uin/password in plaintext to your webserver. Next version will have a workaround.

If you think this is cool or have comments/suggestions/bugs/patches, contact me as Agrajag- on #licq, icq me 16385042 or email me